Trusted | Experienced | Reliable

Even after 25 years of managing I.T., three attributes continue to stand out as the most important factors to consider when selecting an I.T. PARTNER.

Having grown up in an entrepreneurial environment and a family business, I know first-hand how “non-enterprise” businesses are often treated when it comes to technology. The notion that such businesses require less technology and support than their enterprise counterparts is absurd. In actuality, these businesses are more dependent on their technology because they are working with fewer resources (think Financial and HR here); furthermore, they are relying on that technology to increase their operational capacity and create more value for their customers.

After 25 years of servicing Healthcare and Professional Services Organizations (Accounting, Engineering, Legal, etc.), several things have become apparent:

  • There will be no LESS dependency on technology next week than there was this week, and it appears that trend will continue well into the future.
  • The rate at which things are changing, the talent required to manage that change, as well as the level of complexity involved is growing year over year; another trend that is likely to continue.
  • It’s not getting any easier to secure your computer, network, or data. Moving forward, keeping things safe, secure, and in compliance is going to require a more sophisticated level of experience & expertise. Relying on skilled professionals with up-to-date knowledge will be essential to safeguarding your digital assets effectively.
  • Like many organizations, technology providers are moving towards increased automation, less human interaction, and offshore helpdesks in order to lower costs, oftentimes at the expense of customer service and the client’s overall support experience.

With all of the above in mind, we here at Evo I.T. have chosen a different path. We firmly believe in providing a higher level of personal service, prioritizing greater human interaction from a dedicated team genuinely invested in your success. Our team understands your business, company, and personnel, ensuring that we deliver the most valuable and tailored solutions to meet your unique needs. At Evo I.T., our commitment to your success and satisfaction sets us apart, and we strive to create a partnership that truly supports your business growth and prosperity.

See if this sounds familiar…

You are in a situation where you have something REALLY IMPORTANT that you need help with, and no matter how hard you try, you can’t talk to a “Real Person.”  When you finally do get to talk to someone, you’re told they cannot help you, and then they tell you to call a different person/department, transfer you, or worse - disconnect the call.    



Before you read any further, it is important to note that not every organization is a fit for this type of technology management; only those that want the highest level of service, from a TRUSTED PARTNER, that is integrated into their plan for success, will find value in our approach.

Our “Trusted Partner” Approach - IT’S ALL ABOUT YOU, ALL THE TIME


You Always Come First! – WE CAN BE TRUSTED

We are a TRUSTED PARTNER.  You can be confident in knowing that everything we do is focused on making your organization better, and that “You Always Come First.” We have no interest in “Nickle & Diming” you, nor are we going to recommend solutions that don’t provide meaningful value. Your needs, requirements, and strategic objectives are priority #1 and ALWAYS take precedence.

In truth, we can only continue to exist if our contributions as a TRUSTED PARTNER help your organization grow and succeed. Over the last 25 years, our business has built its foundation on maintaining long-term relationships, and that doesn’t happen unless your needs come first. You can be certain that you’ll always get effective solutions, dedicated support, and practical guidance; all of which are built to deliver value, and help your team move forward.



EVERY Organization is different; their I.T. requirements are unique in relationship to Ownership, Leadership, Team Members, and Customers.

Before getting into ANY of the technical details, we invest the time to thoroughly understand your organization and how you create value. This provides a foundation from which we can establish expectations, define optimal outcomes, and deliver meaningful guidance.

By understanding your organization, and how it creates value, we can provide you with tailored solutions and dedicated support; both of which are focused on helping you consistently deliver exceptional value to your customers.



After 25 years of providing I.T. services to companies just like yours, we have the experience you’ll want to rely on.  We are “BATTLE TESTED” and have seen almost every situation. We know WHAT needs to be done, and HOW to do it. We are not guessing, or worse, practicing on you. We have a plan.

Your organization will benefit from our “time in the trenches.” Using our experience, you will avoid the costly mistakes others have made. By leveraging our expertise, you will enhance your capacity to manage the ever-present demand for change, positioning your business for both success and growth. 



Our phones are answered live 24x7.  Our culture revolves around delivering a higher level of service. When you ask for help, you get it.  Our system provides a response to your request in 5 minutes or less and you always receive “Personal”, “High-Touch” support that is thoughtfully delivered.

We will never banish you to “Support Ticket Hell”; if we cannot solve the issue in two exchanges or less, we will pick up the phone and call you. We’re committed to getting your issue resolved quickly, and we NEVER want technology getting in your way.