Confidentiality… its the glue that binds counselor and client.

As a legal professional, making sure your client’s information is secure and protected is paramount. Additionally, making sure that communications are properly locked down from prying eyes, also deserves consideration.

As the work environment becomes more dispersed and data needs to be securely accessed anytime, anywhere, you want to be sure you have the right systems in place. You need a TRUSTED I.T. PARTNER that can help guide you through the changing technology landscape and make sure your systems are up to the task.

Are you looking for an I.T. Partner you can trust to manage your technology, support your team and provide meaningful guidance?

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The legal profession has always relied heavily on the newest technologies. Evo I.T. can provide your practice with dynamic options that can save you money and increase efficiency.

It's a fact that lawyers are at the center of many important decisions. As with many other economic sectors nowadays, technology; is becoming integral for the modern law office. Whether you are a new attorney that is just hanging out your shingle, or you are a part of a multinational firm that deals in a sea of litigation, chances are you will need to consider how advances in technology will work for your practice.

For a law office, it is often not cost effective to hire a dedicated IT staff, or even an IT guy. Most law offices rely on break-fix technology companies that not only profit off your pain, they don't present the kind of value that is necessary to maintain all the newest, and most useful technology. At Evo I.T., we do IT differently. We provide solutions for Metro Detroit businesses for a flat monthly rate, all the while offering the newest and most reliable technologies that work for business.

No two law firms are the same, so why would you want to adhere to a technology solution that wasn't designed to specifically meet the needs of your practice? We offer many of the IT solutions that law offices utilize to provide superior service to their clients.

Our most valuable expertise lies in the management of your computer systems and the support of your team members. With our remote monitoring and management solutions as a part of your flat-rate IT service, your office can experience optimal uptime, without the monetary outlays that are usually associated with technology.

Hardware services - We have partnered with some of the top vendors in the technology world and would be able to provide your office with the hardware you need, at an affordable price.

Software services - We can provide you with software solutions to meet all of your organization's needs. Software solutions such as customer relationship management (CRM) and document management can really present a definite boost to your practice's efficiency.

Cloud solutions - We know just how dynamic cloud computing can be for organizations that look to integrate mobility into their IT strategy. At Evo I.T., we can provide your organization with options from email to virtual computing environments to productivity suites all housed securely off-site and ready to access anytime, from anywhere.

The Remote Workforce…

Working remotely appears to be here to stay.  Making sure your systems and  remote access secured to allow anywhere/anytime access requires  expertise and experience.  We are experts in remote workforce technology, building out zero trust infrastructures on  SASE solutions is just part of our expertise.

Want to talk about how we might be able to help? Reach out at 248-581-0334 or feel free to drop us an email.