To serve those that depend on you, your organization needs reliable technology, supported by a TRUSTED I.T. Partner that you can count on.

Non-Profit organizations, like many others, leverage technology to create more with less. By utilizing technology, they are able to increase their operational impact, allowing them to reach more of the people that need them most.

Are you Non-Profit, that needs a TRUSTED I.T. PARTNER to help you reach more people and create a more positive impact using technology?

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Non-Profit organizations need great technology!  As they strive to fulfill their mission, they depend on their tech for communications, efficiency and effectiveness.  The also need their technology to be adaptable allowing them the flexibility to manage the many situations they encounter.

Providing assistance is no easy task, as a Non-Profit, keeping track of what you are delivering, who you are delivering it to, and the impact of that delivery are just a few examples of the organizational metrics needed to measure success and secure continued funding.

Technology plays a crucial role in that it is the central nervous system of the organization, providing the communication and connectivity to all stakeholders.  The system MUST be reliable and secure, and it must be managed properly to ensure operational success.

In most Non-Profit organizations, the people are the most important part of serving others, without them all the funding in the world would not help.  People need reliable, empathetic technical support that will help get technology out of their way, allowing them to fulfill their commitments to others.

At Evo I.T. we “get it”, you need great systems, managed by a team that has the experience and expertise to ensure that system can deliver the desired services.  You also need to make sure your team members receive technical support that is personal and thoughtfully delivered.  Lastly, you need a TRUSTED I.T. PARTNER, someone that is reliable and responsive.

We are the TRUSTED I.T. PARTNER you are looking for.

Want to talk about how we might be able to help? Reach out at 248-581-0334 or feel free to drop us an email.