You need a TRUSTED PARTNER, a “Go To” resource that can help keep your technology optimized, your client’s data safe and your reputation protected.

As an accounting firm you deal with other people’s financial information; security, privacy, compliance, and disaster recovery are non-negotiable.

Are you looking for a partner that understands your industry, will manage your technology, and thoughtfully support your team? Look no further… We are that partner.

Are you an Accounting Firm, in Metro Detroit, that depends on technology to create and deliver your “Work-Product”? Are you are searching for an I.T. Partner you can count on, WE CAN HELP!

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Accountants are some of the most important people associated with a business; and many of them aren’t employed by that business.

Accountants are responsible for the collection, accuracy, analysis, recording, and presentation of a business's financial operation. While it doesn’t take a lot of high tech business solutions to balance a ledger, the use of technology presents multiple benefits for accounting firms and their customers.

At face value, accountants use many of the same technologies as administrative employees use. Various devices, productivity suites, cloud platforms, and security solutions are necessary to properly manage the finances of your customers.  Keeping your technology running, securing your data, supporting your team, staying vigilant and prepared is at the heart of technology management.

At Evo I.T., we offer a full suite of solutions that work together, in order to improve the efficiency, and security, of your accounting practice.

We specialize in the creation of “WORK FROM ANYWHERE, ANYTIME” solutions, that are resilient and secure; giving your firm the capability to safely deliver services as well as provide the flexibility your team demands.

As the cloud continues to revolutionize business, accountants have to be mindful of how to properly leverage these exciting new technologies.

In the accounting industry, there aren’t that many technology standards that have to be met. At Evo I.T., we know that no matter what regulations your organization has to meet, you need your data secured and protected. To accomplish this, we use Two-Factor-Authentication, encryption, access control, and other security and management tools to ensure your business’ infrastructure is safeguarded.

Accountants are crucial to the sustainability of their customers, and at Evo I.T., we work hard to ensure our accounting clients have a computing infrastructure the is Secure, Protected and Optimized allowing them to deliver more value to those they serve.

Want to talk about how we might be able to help? Reach out at 248-581-0334 or feel free to drop us an email.