Are you an Architectural Firm, that needs a TRUSTED I.T. PARTNER to help you do more with less?

Are you looking for a team that understands the unique issues of your industry (Think: AutoDESK, Transmittals, Working With Outside Parties) and can manage your technology effectively?

Architectural firms are the hub of any construction project. The adage “If its not on the print, its not getting done” is no lie. Their team members and organization need technology that can continually keep them one step ahead.

You need a TRUSTED I.T. PARTNER, a team that can help put you ahead and keep you there. A “Go To” resource that understands your customers, and how you serve them. An I.T. partner that can manage your technology, and thoughtfully support your team.

We are that partner.

Are you an Architectural Firm, in Metro Detroit, that needs to stay one step a head, and depends on technology to be SECURE, FLEXIBLE and EFFICIENT in order to service your customers? Are you are searching for an I.T. Partner you can count on, WE CAN HELP!

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At the heart of any construction project lies the Architect. They are the focal point thru which everything flows, providing information, guidance, and inspiration to a variety of constituents and stakeholders. Architects need to be able to seamlessly communicate information while simultaneously reacting quickly to requests from customers and other outside sources. All of these interdependent requirements rely on one foundational component; TECHNOLOGY.

Without technology, none of this would be possible, architectural services would slow to a crawl; impacting everyone else that is involved and crushing the project’s efficiency.

At Evo I.T. we understand your industry, and how you deliver value to your clients.  We are well versed in making sure your technology allows you fulfill your obligations, giving you the operational capacity required so that you can keep your promises.

When it comes to Architects, in order to meet the demands of their industry, they need their I.T. to be Fast, Functional, Flexible, and Secure.

At Evo-IT, we know what it takes to provide the technology Architects need in order to be successful.  We are experts in the “WORK FROM ANYWHERE, ANYTIME” and can develop solutions that will allow your TEAM to meet the ever-present demands arising from customers and stakeholders.  You want a TRUSTED PARTNER that is responsive and experienced, who can position your technology as an asset; giving your TEAM the operational capacity to deliver more value to your customers.

Want to talk about how we might be able to help? Reach out at 248-581-0334 or feel free to drop us an email.