With both legal and ethical responsibility to protect a client’s confidential information, it is imperative that firms have a plan and system in place to protect data from loss, corruption, or theft.


Keeping things on track, gaining insight.

Improve operational efficiency and productivity by gaining insight into the work habits of the firm’s most valuable asset, its team members.

Ever wonder how team members spend their computer time? What applications and websites are they using the most and how much “idle” time is encountered during a typical work week?

Let evoTRACKER provide the data points needed to make smart, productivity related, operational decisions.

With evoTRACKER, the management team gains vision into a resource time utilization and application ROI; identifying which resources are productive and where improvements need to be made.

Want to gain operational clarity for your organization? Let us explain how evoTRACKER works by providing a 5-minute overview and a breakdown of the delivered benefits.

For greater insight, track us down to get the details. Enhanced understanding is just up the path.