With both legal and ethical responsibility to protect a client’s confidential information, it is imperative that firms have a plan and system in place to protect data from loss, corruption, or theft.

Backup and disaster recovery – backup onsite/replicated off-site – for a fixed monthly fee.

It’s not a question of IF – but WHEN – something in your technology back-office will fail. When it does, do you have a plan? Are you truly prepared?

evoGUARD offers a complete backup, restore, and offsite-replication solution that provides a secure path to fully functioning operations when a system failure occurs.

Complete peace of mind for a fixed monthly fee. When bad happens, evoGUARD makes you whole.

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Protect “Road Warrior” data, wherever it travels.

We know that when team members are in the office, connected to the corporate network, their data is saved to the server and backed up after hours. But what about your road warriors, who backs up their data?

Do you have team members that spend most of their time out of the office and have data that exists ONLY on their company laptop?

evoGUARD-DT is the backup solution that can securely backup laptop/desktop data from accidental loss or malicious intent. Safely store an encrypted copy of important information offsite and automatically update the backup copy anytime you like.

“Road Warrior” data backup; contact us and get protected

evoGUARD o365

Safeguard your email, and gain peace of mind.

Prevent your email from being irrevocably lost, along with other valuable information (think Calendar, Contacts, and Tasks). For pennies a day, an offsite, secure copy of your Office 365 information (a.k.a. OUTLOOK) can be backed up and safely stored with evoGUARD-o365.

Did you know? Your Office 365 email box is not protected against malicious events.

What does that mean exactly? It means that if a disgruntled user deletes their entire mailbox the day before they quit, Microsoft is not responsible and is not obligated to recover/restore the missing information. There is no way to recover the lost email content.

To protect the firm from this type of loss, we created evoGUARD-o365. This solution is specifically designed to do one thing… back up Office 365 related content and protect it against accidental loss or a malicious event.

Don’t wait for a problem, protect email related data today. Contact us for details and more information.