Mobile-friendly software is now a vital component in delivering timely messages, accessing client records, and keeping up-to-date on communication within the firm.

Management and implementation of Cloud-based solutions.

The Cloud – using the internet for sharing, storing, and securing data – allows you to move your information off limited and continuously obsolescing hardware into the unlimited possibilities of the internet.

But not without risks, many of them substantial.

evoCLOUD mitigates these risks.

evoCLOUD is our umbrella resource for email, contacts, calendars, and files all in the cloud, at your fingertips, whenever and wherever you need them.

evoCLOUD gives you access to evoFILE and evoMAILSAFE – making sending, sharing, and encrypting information automatic and easy. It also goves you access to evoLOCK, reaching down from the Cloud to securely scramble the data on your hard drive, assigning a key that ONLY YOU can access.

There are tremendous new efficiencies in the Cloud. evoCLOUD lets you move confidently forward.

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